Indie music in Japan

On this page we would like to gather some information for people interested in the independent music scene of Osaka (and beyond... but anyway limited to Japan). We discovered this scene almost by chance on January 2011, and it has fascinated us ever since!
We decided to switch to English here in order to try to broaden the spectrum of potential readers looking for some first-hand information on underground indie bands in Japan.

Warning: this page is going to be a continuous work in progress...

Our posts about indie (and not-so-indie-anymore) Japanese music
(sorry, these are in Italian. Google Translate can help. And videos can still be useful!)

2011/01/15 Primi passi nella scena musicale underground di Osaka
(Usagisan no katamimi chongittaroka; Liaroid Cinema; Nayuta)

2011/04/24 La scena musicale underground di Osaka: DODDODO

2011/10/23 Tre giorni nel cuore di Osaka
(Miyavi; White Ash; Urbangarde; Motocompo)

2012/03/23 La scena musicale underground di Osaka: Natsukawarock

Japanese bands we like
(chronological order, according to when we first saw them)

Usagisan no katamimi chongittarokahome page / @warmplaceinjapan
Liaroid cinemahome page / @warmplaceinjapan
Nayutahome page / @warmplaceinjapan
DODDODOhome page / @warmplaceinjapan
Wani no iru seikatsuhome page
DAMBOhome page
Bebecut.tocahome page
Bathroomshome page
Sukippara ni sakehome page / @warmplaceinjapan
MIYAVIhome page / @warmplaceinjapan
WHITE ASHhome page / @warmplaceinjapan
Urbangardehome page / @warmplaceinjapan
MOTOCOMPOhome page / @warmplaceinjapan
Natsukawarockhome page / @warmplaceinjapan

Suggested live houses in Osaka
Coming soon..!